31 March 2012

A collective post: the business man

Copenhagen, Denmark Spring Sunshine 13 Wagamama Window: Rain. Suit. Suits Him Fine Fantastic Dublin Dublin Cycle Chic - Him and Her Vancouver P1070655 P1070067 Cardiff, Great Britain George and his Brompton Belgium businessman_belgium business_belgium Budapest, Hungary 14772065_c7befefd100477b6a4607b67e5d37b7c_xl 14728275_be76a4f90abfad5eacda95f4caf4f9a9_xl 13157183_a0d10e8505d68809ad16d1646f5fc43c_xl 9251543_86c356b7649a6d8e0f8c715b1e05f52b_l Vienna, Austria smart! smart businessman 2Aristocrat Barcelona, Spain sunny spring Sunday Going to work Paris, France Paris Cycle ChicFoto by Barcelona CC Business Man Business ManRue de Rivoli.... Toronto, Canada The Wait 8071 8985 suits ride fixies too!who needs a benz when you got a bike? Caracas, Venezuela jose orozco Amsterdam, The Netherlands Business man by Aude Business man in Amsterdam by Aude Young business man by Aude Graz Phone Sydney, Australia dapper cycle 8950 James at Customs House Lisbon, Portugal P1080988 P1100419 Gdansk, Poland IMG_3482 IMG_1719 IMG_1756 IMG_1300 Strasbourg, France cravate2 cravate1

Another collective post from The Cycle Chic Republic: the business man.

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