20 June 2011

Here are the winners!!!!

The Cycle Chic Bloggers Conference it's over...but has been great! Meeting all the bloggers, having fun (lots of fun!) and enjoying the activities. I'll post pictures and explain you more about those crazy cycle chic days soon but, I'd like to start the report with the winners of the Cycle Chic Breakfast that we organized in collaboration with BACC (Bicicleta Club de Catalunya).

There were two prizes, a HoodBike and a Gabanino raincoat from Abici for the CYCLE CHIC WINNER; and a kit from Barcelona Ramonas and a poncho by Nooc for the FUN FAN WINNER.

Winner Cycle Chic Breakfast 2011 1
Winner Cycle Chic Breakfast 2011 2

"Cycle Chic is about looking fabulous on a bicycle but it is also about personal style. This girl looks wonderful in her outfit and sunglasses and the fact that she rides a cool, old bike that she hand-painted made it easy for us to choose her as the winner."

Winner Bici Fun/Fan Ramonas 2011 3
Winner Bici Fun/Fan Ramonas 2011 2
Winner Bici Fun/Fan Ramonas 2011 1

"This guy was brilliant. He really went to an effort to go crazy and we love his daugther on the back. We see it as cool irony that he is wearing spandex shorts. We have humour at Cycle Chic, and this guy has it all going for him."

* Are you the winner???? If yes, please contact us ASAP in order to get your prizes. Send me an e-mail to txell@barcelonacyclechic.com

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