06 May 2010

Bicing: how it works

Barcelona's bike sharing system is called Bicing and is SO popular. Is geared towards residents and you have to be subscribed to using it. You pay 24€ per year, the 30 first minutes are free of charge. Bicing can charge you 150€ in case you keep the bike more than 24 hours.
To pick up a bike you have to swipe your card at the bicing station and the machine is going to tell you which bike you have to take. Take it and enjoy the city!


refusenik said...

So is there any way to get in on this if you are moving to Barcelona for a while but don't have a local ID number? I will be there in a month and desperately want to bikeshare!

txell said...

hi refusenik!
i'm afraid to say that bicing is a system specially designed for local people and i think that you need a local ID number to get your card. anyway it will be better if you check this information calling to 902 31 55 31 or sending an e-mail to info@bicing.cat
good luck!