04 January 2010

A gentleman on a bike

"When I go on holiday I want to get away from that. I want to do things. If I'm on a beach, I want to be swimming or playing a bit of sand cricket. If I'm in the countryside I'll go canoeing down a river or cycle around on my old Raleigh bike. I don't mind a good hike so long as the mountain isn't too tall. Very tall mountains make me dizzy." Jarvis Cocker dixit. The full article here.


stefan said...

Jarvis has style, no doubt about it. Mind if I grab this great find for our own blog?

Txell said...

bien sûr stefan! you can take it if you want...i love his style...i saw him at AncientBelgique in brussels and it was great experience

PaulineLewis said...

quin gentleman!