07 January 2010

Fast boy cycles

I think that I'm in love... Absolutely gorgeous. More info here.


Ramon Boixeda said...



Unknown said...

Nice find. I love the wooden handle bar the best!

www.theMUSETTE.cc said...

Stunning find txell.
With you RidingPretty, the wooden handlebar is great...and the squared off old skool forks on them all are great.

Couple of sites here, first is my local fixie shop with some nice push irons in, the last a nice spool of fixie pics..none of mine though :-(




Tejvan | Cycling Blog said...

I like the look of that single speed with thinnish tyres.

Txell said...

thank you all for your comments. those bikes are amazing, they have a very special and stylish touch: a bit of retro, wood and simplicity.
ramon, ara em miro els teus links...guapo..
ya basta, i LOVE your shop! i'll post about gear brisbane soon...