08 December 2009

Mike Rubbo

Yesterday I arrived from Berlin (I'll post the thousand of pictures I've took there soon) and what was my surprise when I read an e-mail from the great Australian filmmaker Mike Rubbo. He has a new and interesting blog where he has upload some videos about bike culture. One of them is an interview that his colleague Violeta Brana-Lafoucade did to the father of cycle chic, Mikael Colville-Andersen. He told me in the e-mail that this blog, http://www.barcelonacyclechic.com/ is mentioned in the interview. I'm quite surprised an honoured of being there, thank you! ;)


Steinar Þór Ólafsson said...

If it wouldnt be for this interview I would never have heard of Barcelona Cycle Chic.

Best regards from Iceland.

stefan said...

I got the same interview. Still need to post it.