09 November 2009

Cycling the Frame

In the 1988 cinepoem Cycling the Frame, Tilda Swinton set out on a bike ride in less well-known territory: Swinton followed the length of the Berlin wall, to document the places through which she went, but also to capture from an introspective West Berlin perspetive to view over the wall to East Berlin.
Today, Cycling the Frame is an inusual historical document, and twenty years later Tilda Swinton belongs to the most respected and sought after actresses in the world.
If you're in Barcelona today you can see this film at Goethe Instut in the 20th annyversary of the Berlin wall's fall.


Velouria said...

I was just watching this film last night in Vienna. It is stunning. They have now made a re-make called "The Invisible Frame".

Stefan said...

Our television stations are being flood with documentaries on Berlin. But not this on, and yet it sounds like a very original one.