04 July 2009

Casa Camper

is a brand of shoes that comes from Majorca. Camper is not a specific shoe, but is rather a style, a philosophy of life that believes that the real luxury is in the most basic of things, in simplicity, in authenticity and understanding , a way of life and a source of inner satisfaction and in having a healthy lifestyle. You can find the echo of this philosophy in the Camper advertisements and initiatives.

The brand created in the very heart of Barcelona the Casa Camper, a cozy hotel that was born with the intention of conveying this spirit and camper’s core values to the world of lodging, promoting a more human, respectful and simple way of relating to our surroundings and by choosing an innovative concept for a hotel where comfort and functionality come first within a friendly atmosphere.
The first clue that we are in a different kind of hotel is to be found in the entrance lobby, which has been conceived as an enclosed space, in between public and private. Bicycles hang from the ceiling waiting to be used by the guests. Is definetely cool to find bike-friendly hotels in the city.

Among those bikes you can find an special bike produced in wood specially for Camper called Wabi and designed by Josep Mora. He was born in Barcelona in 1951 and he is engineer. He has been teacher in the prestigious design school of Elisava in Barcelona. His design is always linked to very technical and clever solutions related to movement. maybe this is the reason why he has designed a number of bicycles.

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my hyggelig said...

OMG! Camper AND Bicycles in one place?!!! I am done for. These are my two loves... I knew of the hotel, but not the lovely entrance "decorations". Perfection.