06 July 2009

À bord de mer

Yesterday we went to Vilanova i la Geltrú, a sea town which is 45 minutes by train from Barcelona. There are many bikes there and a bike lane that goes directly to the beach. There was a music festival called Faraday and there were cool concerts near the sea: Songstore, Boat Beam and Gary Olson (The Ladyug Transistor). A cozy atmosphere with young and old people, swimmers, children and, as you can see, many bikes.
Definetely the best way to spend a hot sunday (38º!)


Christa said...

Beautiful photos! Reminds me of southern california beaches.

That's unfortunate that a tourist can't use Bicing. I hope tourists can find other bike rentals.

lavinka said...

ow, bicycle racks on the beach! We would be useful ...