01 July 2009


Thanks to this bike sharing system called Bicing, Barcelona has increased since 2007 the number of cyclists. This system has several problems like theft and vandalism, lack of bikes in the rush hours, etc. but we've to admit that the benefits for the city are enormous. The City Council of Barcelona has created since the Bicing's birth a lot of new infrastructure like bike lanes and parkings.

The system has now:
188.000 users
215 employers
200.000 journeys
400 stations
6.000 bikes

I include here some funny pictures from Pacotilla a guy that leads a project of urban intervention For further information about that visit his blog.


lavinka said...

We were to be such urban bikes, but the project collapsed, are more important matters, such as ... paid parking lots for cars :/

Christa said...

So excited to see Barcelona Cycle Chic! I would LOVE to cycle through Barcelona and parts of Spain.

I tested Vienna's bike rental system and it was fantastic. Haven't tried Velib yet. These rental bikes look pretty cute too.